Lawn Insect Control

Insects attack healthy and unhealthy lawns. Unlike weeds, which can be seen, insects are often hidden.

Signs of insect infestation:

  • Yellow, orange, or brown spots in the turf or on the blades of grass
  • An excessive number of moths flying about when mowing
  • The appearance that an animal is digging up the lawn

All lawns will have insects. Big eye bugs and lady beetles are actually good for your lawn! But the bad insects like grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Similar to our approach to weed control, EverGreen has ways of preventing insect damage, before they even have a chance. Call us for more info.


Grubs are among the most common insects to cause damage to your lawn. Grubs are the larvae from a host of beetle species. The beetle specie lay their eggs in the ground in late spring/ early summer. These subsurface insects then emerge and eat the roots of healthy turfgrass, killing the turf and turning it brown. Preventative treatments applied during the egg laying or early larval stages are best when dealing with grubs. Call us, to further protect your lawn and add an additional grub prevention application.

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