Lawn Fertilization Treatment Service in Strongsville

Your lawn is the first impression of a home or business. What kind of impression will your lawn make?…

What you can expect from EverGreen’s MOST POPULAR 6 STEP PROGRAM:

  1. Superior Turf Color
  2. Longer Lasting Color
  3. Better Resistance to Stress
  4. Faster Recovery
  5. Deeper Rooting
  6. Proper Timing of Herbicides
Beautiful Lawn in Medina Ohio

Superior Turf Color

In order for your lawn be lush, healthy, and green, it must be fed the right foods at the right times. It’s important to feed your lawn with a high nutrient fertilizer to keep superior green color. Even during the winter when the grass is laying dormant, the turf roots are still soaking up nutrients for the next growing season.

Longer Lasting Color

As they say, timing is everything! To keep a lawn at it’s peak health and keep it EverGreen throughout the growing season, it must be fed on a regular basis. Our MOST POPULAR 6 STEP PROGRAM ensures your lawn will be fertilized every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking EverGreen.

Better Resistance to Stress

A lawn that is thick, healthy, and under the management of a quality program is more impervious to disease, fungi, and insects. Did you know a thick healthy lawn can also prevent weeds from even developing?!

Faster Recovery

Summer time heat and lack of rain can be a stressful time for turf grass. While your neighbor’s lawn is struggling to stay alive. Our carefully selected products will ensure your lawn will be looking the best in the neighborhood, throughout the hot summer months.

Deeper Rooting

Deep roots are what creates superior color, better resistance to stress, and faster recovery of grass. Turf roots are the most important part of the grass plant. EverGreen programs are designed to keep your lawn looking superior. As a simple by-product, the roots will also run deeper.

Proper Timing of Herbicides

Pre-emergent and post-emergent products are utilized at the GREATEST times of the year to keep your lawn weed free.

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