Weed Control Lawn Treatments

Did you know a healthy dense lawn can prevent weed seeds from even germinating?!

Healthy dense grass blocks out weeds sunlight and crowds out the ability for weeds to grow. The goal of our programs is to provide healthier and thicker turf… Which naturally equals fewer weeds.

However, it’s impossible to block out all weeds with healthy turf alone. There are many causes for weeds in turf grass: weather, soil conditions, soil hardness (see aeration), time of the year, and poor mowing height and irrigation practices. Weed seeds can even lie dormant for years, only to sprout under the right conditions. Common weed species are vulnerable at different times of the year and are best treated during those most vulnerable times. Crabgrass, for example, is best treated during the seedling stage with a pre-emergent treatment in early spring, before it even has a chance to germinate. Some broadleaf weeds don’t respond well to pre-emergent treatments and are better treated with liquid sprays, once germinated.

Timing is everything! Timely applications of pre-emergent granular and post emergent liquid herbicides are built into our most popular lawn care programs. By applying spring pre-emergent weed applications, at the right time, we can prevent a host of weeds from even popping up. The weed species that do not respond well to our pre-emergent control are met with post-emergent liquid sprays. Our post-emergent weed applications are safe for the turf and are selective in only attacking the weeds.


Lawn Care Service Medina Ohio: Before Photo


Lawn Care Service Medina Ohio: After Photo
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