Turf Disease

Turf grass goes through a lot of changes throughout the year. During the rainy warm spring,the grass grows very quickly. Your mowing frequency should increase to coincide with the surging turf grass growth. Cutting the grass too short, cutting off too much at one time, and not keeping mower blades sharp all create stress.Turf grass diseases or funguses are caused by the perfect storm of three things: poor maintenance, improper irrigation, and weather. Lawn diseases and insect disturbances can look very similar. Be sure to consult with an expert before treating your turf’s surface.

Snow Mold

The most common disease in our area is Snow Mold. Snow mold appears after winter in the form of white patches in the lawn. It is caused by excessive moisture or snow, cold temperatures, and long turf grass. Snow mold can be prevented by simply mowing the lawn short in the fall, in preparation for accumulating snow. Call us to schedule your snow mold cure.

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